Wood Privacy Fences

Wood Fences have long been the standard in privacy, but can also be utilized as a basic property line fence, and can be built in any height allowed by the municipality.

wood fence sample wood fence sample wood fence sample

Cedar is the wood of choice for a privacy fence, and can be stained or painted by the homeowner. Some people prefer not to treat their fence at all, and let it weather naturally - letting it age to a beautiful natural finish.

Custom Built Wood Fences

At D Fence LLC all wood fences are stick built on site, using high quality cedar lumber. All of our wood fences are built using treated screws, not nails, and installed on steel posts in our high quality footings!

The gates are made from the same material framed out and then diagonally braced for added strength! Standard Hardware includes black strap hinges and a thumb/handle latch with a deadbolt type lock.

Benefits of Wood Fence

  • Provides the most privacy
  • High quality construction
  • Natural beauty